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Website Terms Of Use

Please read carefully and agree to the terms of use listed below before using the website of HAKUTSURU SAKE Brewing Co., Ltd. (hereafter, HAKUTSURU). If for any reason you do not agree, please do not use the website. Using this website indicates your agreement and acceptance of all of the terms and conditions of use listed below.

1. Copyright

The copyright to all of the content included on the HAKUTSURU website belongs to either HAKUTSURU or to the content supplier. Use of the website is limited to non-commercial, personal purposes recognized by copyright laws. Please do not use any of the content on any other website or in printed materials.

2. Trademarks

Rights to the trademarks displayed on the HAKUTSURU website (trademarks, service mark symbols, etc.) belong to either HAKUTSURU or to the right holder who has allowed its use by HAKUTSURU. Do not use any of the trademarks without permission from the rights holder.

3. Submission of ideas

HAKUTSURU accepts ideas and opinions through its customer service department. Although HAKUTSURU values the opinions and proposals received from customers regarding products and services and the like, please be aware that we cannot offer monetary compensation for them.

4. Temporary Suspension of the Website

HAKUTSURU may temporarily suspend the public availability of the website without prior notice if it is judged necessary for operational or technical reasons to maintain or block the system, which may also be caused by fire, power outage, earthquake, or other natural disaster. We accept no liability for any damages suffered as a result of such suspension.

5. Changes to the Website

HAKUTSURU reserves the right to change the content or the address (URL) of any page on the website without prior notice.

6. Disclaimer

HAKUTSURU pays careful attention to the information posted on this website. However, we in no way guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or applicability, etc., of the information. Neither are we responsible in any way for any software or hardware trouble arising out of use of the site, or for any trouble or incidents involving users of the site or between a user and a third party.

7. Handling of Personal Information

Please see HAKUTSURU’s Privacy Policy with regard to the handling of customers’ personal information.

8. Linking to this Website

As a general rule, anyone may create a link to this website. However, we do not allow links from sites that are offensive to public morals, or libelous or intentionally misleading. HAKUTSURU may refuse links if they are deemed inappropriate. We accept no liability for any damages suffered in connection with links from our site.

9. Proper Law

The proper law for matters related to the HAKUTSURU website and these Terms of Use, including any disputes, is Japanese law.

10. Changes to Terms of Use

HAKUTSURU reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice.