About Sayuri

Sayuri debuted in the US market in 2006. At this time, the US Sake Market had already seen Nigori Sake, however there was not a Nigori that was designed to be paired with a meal.

Unique and ground breaking design

We designed a light, smooth, creamy and delicious taste that can pair easily with Teriyaki. Teriyaki was a huge hit in Japanese taste. An eye-catching apperance with a vertical label of "さゆり(Sayuri)" written in Japanese made it a unique and ground breaking design.

The meaning of Sayuri

The meaning of "Sayuri" is "Little Lily". Reminiscent of the delicacy of Japanese culture and innocence, Sayuri perfectly embodies these traits. "Sayuri" got around to Japanese restaurants on the west coast shortly after release and is now loved all over the United States.